Sunday, November 12, 2006

Borders Canberra now open

We all made it to Borders today with our 20% discount voucher and the thrill of exploring a new bookstore - this one does have a coffee shop, although I wish it had someone other than Gloria Jeans. I am realiably informed (thank you) that GJ is Australian, but their coffee is mediocre, trying to emulate the star bucks (which is terrible) style coffee is just not necessary. How about a good Austro/Italian coffee maker, preferably from Melbourne where good coffee is on every corner. Here is a selection of what we purchased today, something for everyone.

We came away with a $10 discount on our next purchase, so we will definitely be going again. The children decided, based on the book we bought today, about Kids growing things to eat and then cooking them, to "work" on the garden, with kitchen sissors!!! Of course Millie helped too. She is great at digging, which will be useful for planting, except that they are growing things in pot plants!

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The Shopping Sherpa said...

Err, hate to tell you this but GLoria Jeans is an Australian born and bread chain.

Not that that makes me like them any more than Starbucks or any of the other chains!