Friday, September 22, 2006

ALIA Conference Perth, WA

As it has been two months since I have been on a plane, I thought I would whip over to the other side of the country for a three day conference. If you ever wonder what Librarians do at a conference, click on the link for the outline of the one I am currently attending.

It has been great for meeting colleagues, new and old, near and far. Best catering I can remember at a conference. The conference dinner was no exception. Worst is Dr Click who comes on a regular intervals to remind us of changes to the program and what else might be happening. She is a spanish matador with a spanish accent, castenets and a rose in her mouth, with lots of torreodor music happening. I am over it.

Caught up with MM from my old job. MM now works at Battye Library. You can check out her library here - Battye.

Looking forward now to spending the weekend in Adelaide with S and her daughter Neisha.


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The Shopping Sherpa said...

Duh! This would probably explain why pretty much everyone I've tried ringing in the past couple of days has been away. Have a fabbo weekend and bring back some wonderful WA wine to share :-)