Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lake District

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After leaving Somerset we headed north towards the Lake District. We ended up staying at Bowness on Lake Windemere. The place we stayed in had a great family room, with a bunk bed for the kids. Breakfast was delicious and the best for me was that I had access to free Internet. We only stayed one night, but we really enjoyed it. For tea we went to the local Pizza restaurant who gave us great service and great food. While at the B&B we met some Australian's - the only ones I can remember apart from on the bus. They winged and complained about the weather and really wanted to get back home. We were really pleased that they were not staying more than a few more days. Five minutes of their company was enough for us. In the morning we went down to the Lake and talked to the tourist information people about getting a room for another night, however there was a music festival that night and everything was fully booked up. We walked and took pictures and then left the long way round the Lake, heading for Coniston.
The Lake is always serene.

At Coniston, which is across the lake from Bowness, we had lunch in a pub, the food was ordinary. Coniston itself was just beautiful. We also saw lots of walkers and shops with walking equipment.

It was a lot less touristy than Bowness on Windermere.

Donald Campbell is buried in Conniston, he died on the lake trying to set a speed record. Donald Campbell also set records in Australia. J and Andrew went to see if they could find his grave, but it is in the new cemetery, too far away.

Wildlife at Windemere.


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